Luxer Room

In Luxer Room the structure of the system is hidden behind panels that cover the walls of the walk-in wardrobe.

A multiplicity of options to hang clothes and accessories neatly and to keep them looking their best.

Excessories - Contain

Boxes and trays, covered with elegant fabric, enable the internal space to be organised and enriched with tones and colours.

Excessories - Pull-out

A classic synthesis of technological development and design, the drawers are available in different versions and heights.

Excessories - Shelves

The illuminated shelves bring clothes and accessories to life.

Shoehorn and Fragrancer for Wardrobes

The alder shoehorn with wenge finish and the fragrancer for wardrobes.

Excessories Mirrors

To complete the walk-in wardrobe, Excessories now includes the indispensable accessory: the mirror.


Salfix support system to fix wooden shelves