A pocket door system with cam- assisted sliding action that is enhanced by a linear damping system to gently control the final opening and closing movement.

EvoLift - Flap door

The evolution of the opening systems.


Technological development, innovation and excellent performance incorporated into a single hinge, for use on all kinds of door and in all applications.

EvoLift - Swing opening door

The evolution of the opening systems.


The new Salice heavy-duty drawer runner.

EvoLift - Folding door

The evolution of the opening systems.

Hinge for corner cabinets

Hinge for corner cabinets, for 16 to 25 mm thick doors with easy adjustment of the door gap

Lineabox 4-Sided Internal Drawer

Front panel for Lineabox internal drawers.

Waste bin systems

Available in a range of sizes, the waste bin systems provide an aesthetically attractive and extremely effective solution to an essential kitchen function - the efficient handling of waste.